Thursday, 24 May 2018

Homework week beginning 21st May 2018

Spellings for Thursday 31st May 2018; we are practising key words for P2, we should be able to spell these words correctly when we are writing independently.
Use a dictionary to find the meanings of at least six of your spellings.

Our mental maths questions on Wednesday 23rd May were:
16 pencils were shared between 4 children. How many did they each get?
How many more pencils would you need to give them 5 pencils each?
Three boys share 10 cakes equally between them. How many whole cakes did the each get?
How many cakes were left over?
Tom bought four boxes of cakes. Each box had 4 cakes in it. How many cakes did Tom buy?
He needed 24 cakes altogether for his party. How many more cakes did he need?
William had a 50p coin and 2 x 20p coins in his pocket. How much did he have?
He needed a pound to go to the cinema. How more money did he need?
Zara took three quarters of 8 sweets. How many did she take?
How many sweets were left?
Next week we will continue worded problems in our mental maths test. There will be a maths sheet sent home on Friday 25th May, linked to our work in class. Please complete and hand in on Friday 1st June.

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